The MEEP release is divided in four different sections, each of them containing several components that may help to build and use the whole system. We refer the fundamental system as the Software Development Vehicle (SDV), within the MEEP project it is the Accelerated Compute and Memory Engine (ACME) Emulated Accelerator (EA).

On top of the SDV, we can use the recommended operating system distribution based on Fedora 33 (the OS Layer). There are several packages and container images which can run on top of the system.

In addition to the operating system supporting packages, there are some fundamental software components in the HPC/DA context which become part of the toolchain (ie, compiler, runtimes and libraries providing services to HPC, DA and Workflows).

Finally, we also have the set of benchmarks and workloads we have adapted and/or used to verify or test the system.

Among the available sections in this site, you can find:

  • The ACME EA section, contains all the software needed to build and use the FPGA as a SDV.
  • The OS Layer section, contains additional recipes to install/update supporting OS packages and use the available container images.
  • The Toolchain section, contains the compiler, runtimes, and libraries that will enable HPC, DA, or workflows capabilities in your system.
  • The Benchmarks section, contains all the codes used to test and analyze the system.

All these sections contain links to binary files (bitstreams or images), Fedora's packages (.rpm), docker images, or source code repositories that will allow you to install and use your own SDV.